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Gamification with fruitbuddi

Wednesday, July 25th, 2012

Last week I had the pleasure of skyping with Taylor Reynolds and Brandon Rivera-Melo of fruitbuddi about gamification. fruitbuddi is a product to “enable children to make healthy decisions in the grocery store.”

To direct the conversation we used the conceptual framework for gamification. It  helped  structure a critique of the fruitbuddi and exposed some gamification experience opportunities. The most interesting ones came out of considering the different levels of players and the social learning aspects of how different aged children and families might use the fruitbuddi and learn how to use it better as individual players moved from novice, to problem solvers, to masters.

We talked also about the behavioral onramps that exist in the kitchen or dinning areas that might reference and prime the anticipated use or recollections of using the fruitbuddi in the store. Taylor and Brandon asked about internal/external motivation. That isn’t in the framework. I purposely left it out. In the framework there are “positive emotion” loops that come from players trying to move to the next player level through the challenges. The loops are explicit, but the resulting positive emotion concepts are not. That is a weakness of the current framework that I need to fix and clarify. The discussion about how to embed more positive emotions into any (even minor) action/activity the players take did yield some more possible enhancements.

Overall the conceptual framework was useful for looking at a experience and having a structured dialog about how it could be gamified.



Thank you to Sami Nerenberg, Director of Operations at Design for American for putting fruitbuddi in touch with me.

The Condiment Wars: Ketchup Innovation

Sunday, June 19th, 2011

At Chick-fil-A yesterday in South Carolina I found these nifty ketchup tubes. You can “Tear and squeeze” or “Peel Back To Dip”. I tore and dipped.

I predict more mechanical application, injection, spraying, and mixing with condiments in the near future.

Starting in the late 90s pizza delivery started to include all kinds of spice packets so people could personalize and do their small part in “preparing” dinner for the family. Then and continuing a more recent phenomena is chefs brining attention to their food preparation as what makes them different and better than others chefs. They use equipment more often found on chemistry labs and “celebrate” the tools and techniques they use. These two trends lead me to see a near future of more innovation of condiment delivery than on another 20 different kinds of mustard which seems to be winding down. It will now be more on how the condiment is injected into or sprayed on or some other technique rather than on the actual ingredient.


Heinz Press Release

Brand to Customer Loyalty

Friday, February 25th, 2011

How could companies be loyal to their customers? Call it “Brand-to-customer Loyalty.”

“Brick and Mortar Loyalty has meant customer loyalty to brick and Mortar, it has never had to mean brick and mortar loyal to consumer” – Chris Hall

Loyalty is shorthand for repeat usage and also an element of having a relationship

Loyalty in the sense of the business “celebrating” that they know the customer. Perhaps even giving them precedence over a new customer.
Loyalty might mean giving them special rights that new customers might not have such as a discount based on number of years as customer.

Loyal Customers are Happy Customers

One way to make happy customers might be to be “loyal” to customers.  I know we usually think about customers being loyal to a company or to a brand.  What would it mean if a brand was loyal to a customer?

A real world example at our local Mexican Grocery Store

They know us. We know them.  Not just the cashiers. I mean, the cashiers, the owners, the cooks in the back and the waitress who serves us in the small little restaurant. They have even offered to extend us a line of credit. Allow us to open an account that we could pay each month.

Loyalty to us: Around the Christmas holiday they gave us a bag of treats. Not just a calendar, but some sodas, some chips, and some cookies, and some .  Now we aren’t talking big bucks. But that was nice. And they weren’t giving it out to everyone.  I liked that. Made me feel special and I could see they didn’t have a pile of pre-made bags with all the same items that they gave to each person.


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