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Speed to Learning

Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

I know many of us are concerned with efficiency and getting more done with less resources. And in the competitive environment of the internet where distribution costs are minor barriers we are concerned with speed to market. More important than “speed to market” or “time to market” is “speed to learning.”

Here are three types of time to learning situations. I am working on all sorts of ways to build the third type that actually helps everyday practitioners improve their day to day work.


Moore, Sally-Ann, “Time-to-Learning”, Digital Equipment Corporation, 1998

Why Experience Design Professionals Need to Know Strategy.

Tuesday, March 16th, 2010

Why Experience Design Professionals Need to Know Strategy.

The biggest problem today is aligning strategy with customer experience.

Lack of alignment leads to disconnected customer experience touchpoints, wasted spending, and missed opportunities to drive purchase of products and grow business.

Strategy is about positioning and power and seeing how they can change over time.

Strategy in this sense and alignment with customer experience means knowing where you are in relation to your competition in the experience ecology with customers.

It means exploiting opportunities to produce better results. We need to systematically look at the changes that are happening in the customer experience specifically in relation to our business, in relation to our competition, and the ways our customer is changing over time. We need to be looking at the future environment, the future customer as they evolve and change and grow over time.

How do they (the customer) become better because of using your services and products? How do they continue to become better because of your evolving services and products. It is co-evolution.

It even means looking at the corporate strategy to know if it changes and to see how to exploit this change as an opportunity to get more value out of the customer experience.

This is about getting beyond mere features/functions by activating experience equity along the path to purchase.

This is how we need to think and act in order to unleash the full value of design thinking and experience design work.

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