Brand to Customer Loyalty

How could companies be loyal to their customers? Call it “Brand-to-customer Loyalty.”

“Brick and Mortar Loyalty has meant customer loyalty to brick and Mortar, it has never had to mean brick and mortar loyal to consumer” - Chris Hall

Loyalty is shorthand for repeat usage and also an element of having a relationship

Loyalty in the sense of the business “celebrating” that they know the customer. Perhaps even giving them precedence over a new customer.
Loyalty might mean giving them special rights that new customers might not have such as a discount based on number of years as customer.

Loyal Customers are Happy Customers

One way to make happy customers might be to be “loyal” to customers.  I know we usually think about customers being loyal to a company or to a brand.  What would it mean if a brand was loyal to a customer?

A real world example at our local Mexican Grocery Store

They know us. We know them.  Not just the cashiers. I mean, the cashiers, the owners, the cooks in the back and the waitress who serves us in the small little restaurant. They have even offered to extend us a line of credit. Allow us to open an account that we could pay each month.

Loyalty to us: Around the Christmas holiday they gave us a bag of treats. Not just a calendar, but some sodas, some chips, and some cookies, and some .  Now we aren’t talking big bucks. But that was nice. And they weren’t giving it out to everyone.  I liked that. Made me feel special and I could see they didn’t have a pile of pre-made bags with all the same items that they gave to each person.


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