The Condiment Wars: Ketchup Innovation

At Chick-fil-A yesterday in South Carolina I found these nifty ketchup tubes. You can "Tear and squeeze" or "Peel Back To Dip". I tore and dipped.

I predict more mechanical application, injection, spraying, and mixing with condiments in the near future.

Starting in the late 90s pizza delivery started to include all kinds of spice packets so people could personalize and do their small part in "preparing" dinner for the family. Then and continuing a more recent phenomena is chefs brining attention to their food preparation as what makes them different and better than others chefs. They use equipment more often found on chemistry labs and "celebrate" the tools and techniques they use. These two trends lead me to see a near future of more innovation of condiment delivery than on another 20 different kinds of mustard which seems to be winding down. It will now be more on how the condiment is injected into or sprayed on or some other technique rather than on the actual ingredient.


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