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Double Diamond Design Secret Sauce

Friday, June 26th, 2015

I really like the double diamond design framework. No its not the only framework out there. But other than it having a really cool name whats makes it work. How is it different than any other recipe? Where’s the magic at?

Double Diamond Design



  1. Discover (diverge)
  2. Define (converge)
  3. Develop (diverge)
  4. Deliver (converge)

One ingredient of the secret sauce is in the ability to “hold off.” Its the ability for designers to wait before converging. Its the ability for you in your mind to say that right now I am just going to keep going strong on diverging, keep going beyond the comfort of knowing I can do or make something, going beyond what is known to be possible.

Equally, its when you are in the converging part that you don’t start to explore¬†another great idea. Its how you stay focused on cutting, reducing, criticizing.

Its both giving permission and waiting. Its patience, trust, and not trying to do it all at once. It is the opposable mind being able to keeping at bay the desire to do two things at once.