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Evolution of Product Management?

Wednesday, March 30th, 2011

At the the begining there is the

problem, then a

project, then a

product, then a

program, then a




  • Don’t let problem projects become problem programs or portfolios. When you move up the chain, it needs to move from reactive to proactive (from current customers to prospective customers also.)
  • Regularly review existing products and programs. If they aren’t most valuable – cut them.  Too often the continue to suck resources beyond their value generation stage.




How to Show Loyalty to Your Customers

Sunday, March 27th, 2011

Here is a a good example of showing loyalty to your customers (Brand to Customer Loyalty).  The Cellar Restaurant (in Camp Hill, PA) does this with their “wine lockers” that are labeled and personalized with their customers’ names on brass plates.  This allows their customers to keep their wine on premises. Or as they put it “Hide your booze here … Ask your server about our locker rental.” It reminds me of the early days of coffee shops that keep their customers’ coffee mugs in easily accessible yet within everyone’s view right at the espresso counter.

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Road that goes through the middle of a house

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011

This is next to Prospect Hill cemetery in Harrisburg PA at the intersection of Market St and Kline Village. A road runs right through the center of the house. Now the road is the road to the cemetery, not a main thoroughfare, but still I think that is remarkable. It brings to life a  design thinking example of entertaining two different ideas in your mind at the same time. A house. And a road.

Nice Design of a Bike Rack as Hitching Post.

Tuesday, March 1st, 2011

About a block away from Red Privet offices, on Chestnut street right outside of the “Olewine’s Meat & Cheese House” in downtown Harrisburg is this great bike rack. I like the cut out image of a bike. Sometimes I see bike racks and they are just plain metal tubes that might be and might not be legal to lock your bike to. This design work well because it clearly is labeled for a bike with the cut out image of a bike.. It also recalls an old hitching post for horses.