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Welcome to Tibetan Tailor. My online space for sharing big ideas that positively change people and cultures.

I am Dennis Schleicher, a big thinker, with a background in business and industrial anthropology I design interactive products to support the way people communicate and interact in their everyday and working lives.

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Dennis J Schleicher Jr.
User Experience & Information Architecture
2019 Orevile Road
Lancaster, PA 17601

phone: +1 (814) 288-7273 (cell phone)
e-mail: dennis (at) dennisschleicher.com
@dennisschleiche (twitter)

Why Tibetan Tailor?
They say that if you go to get your clothes from a Tibetan Tailor, the tailor will first follow you around for a couple days. They do this to know how you live and how you will use the clothes. They do not just take measure of your body, they take measure of your Life.

– Personal Communication from interview with Hanna Hodge

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  1. Edgar Uy says:

    Hi Dennis,

    I stumbled upon your site while looking for articles on Richard Saul Wurman specifically his book “33”. I enjoyed your synopsis. What also caught my interest is the reasoning for the title of your blog. I studied Tibetan Buddhism for a number of years reading mostly the work by Trungpa Rinpoche through my Shambhala training.

    BTW, I also work as a UX designer and live in West Chester, PA

    Looking forward to exploring more of your blog. Thank you for sharing!

    Best regards,

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