My notes from "Customer-Experience Ecosystem"

"Why CMOs Must Learn to Understand the Customer-Experience Ecosystem" - By Kerry Bodine

Three main points

  1. Tunnel Vision - Organizations are placing too much emphasis on web and social media. That said, I think future CEOs MUST have spent time in the user experience group if they want to see things from a "customer experience" POV.
  2. There is no more "back-stage."The difference between front stage and back stage is disappearing, and with that disappearance all of your employees are able to both help and hurt your customer experience.
  3. Ecosystem Mapping - To break out of tunnel vision organizations need to take a different perspective. She calls for understanding it from the customers perspective and to map it out. I was involved with that on some early 2000 work with Ford. A key to it's success was that we made it circular, so that everyone could easily see opportunities to influcence repurchase (even before a customer explicity asked for it.) The ecosystem mapping that most consultants do though is too heavy on the process mapping and light on other aspects. I recommend setting analysis such as I did for My Ford.

References & See Also

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