Conceptual Framework for a Gamification Experience

Last Tuesday July 17th I spoke at Savannah College of Art and Design. It was a lively talk with faculty and students from Industrial Design/Design Management, Service Design, and Interactive Design and Game Development. Bob Fee, Christine Miller, and Sara Jo Johnson were the main organizers. We talked about play engines, bodystorming, and playwork.

I put forth a conceptual framework for a gamification experience.

The key constructs of the framework are:

  • The different players: The novices, problem-solvers, and masters. Notice the social network represented by color transverses the different player roles and show that friendships and relationships as means of learning and knowledge sharing.
  • The challenges (and the try/learn trajectories): the arrows that allow people to travel from a lower role to higher role. They also show how a player can try and not succeed and return to their previous role.
  • The axis of realworld and gameworld: This is why the arrows are mirrored on each side. On the gameworld side the try/learn trajectory is low cost of failure since it is accomplished in a simulation or role play. On the real world side there is a higher cost to failure.
  • The epic story: the larger narrative weaves the entire experience together for all the players of all levels and engaged in all types of activities.


The Design Management Department at SCAD where Chris Miller, Robert (Bob) Fee, and Sara Jo Johnson teach.





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