The 1:9:90 rule of Social Media Theory. Does it apply to gamification?

Social Media meets Gamification

Last night at dinner with Michael Leis I shared the latest Conceptual Framework for Gamification before posting it online.  Michael has extensive experience in social media. One of the things he said that really struck me was “I think the novices are much more numerous.” I asked why, and he brought up the similarities between this framework and the 1:9:90 rule.

The 1:9:90 rule would apply in such that

Masters : Originators                                                1%

Problem Solvers : Editors (Commentators)    9%

Novices : Lurkers                                                       90%

The gamification allure for companies tends to center on the masters just like with social media the companies are focused on the User Generated Content that comes from the Originators, yet the pay dirt of social media comes from the lurkers, the readers, the masses. Likewise the paydirt we should look for in gamification is with the novices.


Michael Leis

The 1:9:90 Rule

Conceptual Framework for Gamification


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