Concert Magic & Silos


Last night I was at The Vic Theater Lakeview Chicago Il to see Glen Hansard in concert. A great show.

Of course he had everyone clapping and singing, but there were two kids in the audience, who yelled out that they could play. One at a time he brought them up on stage to perform. It must have been a delight for them and everyone in the audience was loving it. The normal audience participation was expected, his invite to the kids was unexpected, a surprise. He broke down the wall. It was magic and it was beautiful.

This as another example of society embracing radical collaboration, sharing, mixing. Fewer silos, more working together.

It also transforms an activity from someone you see to something you are part of. Those kids might find it hard to say it was a bad concert because they were part of it, they were now responsible for it being a good experience. That’s also a shift we see in society with more “responsible” type gatherings like “Up to all of us” – put on by my friend Aaron Silvers. What a theme for a “conference” on learning and education.

Ethan the 11 year old performed Somebody I used to know & Broken hearted Hoover fixer sucker guy

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