Trash Can Fail

Look at the bag of trash right in front of this trash can. What went wrong? Why isn't it IN the trash can? This trash can failed. It's interesting that the bag is on the ground in front of the open small hole recycling slots rather than in front of the large slot. Someone might have tried to put it into the small slot of the recycle side and gave up after it didn't fit and never "saw" the large slot for regular trash.


There are signage issues that might confuse. See how the regular trash signage shows someone easily dumping trash while in reality someone must pull open and down the drawer. Many people carry a bag with one hand and have the trash item in the other hand making it difficult to use this trash can.


Here you can see how much better the recycle openings and instructions are.

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  • Jim says:

    The labels of ech can cannot be seen easily. Why not place the recycle and trash labels/art on the tops. The trash could also include the word PULL.

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