Growing Future CEOs: Time in a User Experience group will be mandatory

Thinking about the CEOs of the near future. They will need to have spend time in a UX department. I see more future CEOs will be coming out of UX teams. Perhaps they took design thinking class in school or read a book about it, but where the rubber hits the road, the best place in the organization to learn what that can mean is in the User Experience department.

The shortest path to the CEO office will be through the User Experience Department.

I am not saying that they necessarily are UX people or have a design background. They might not do a long stint in the group, but they will have put their time in.

They will have earned the right to talk about the user experience, to know how making things that people find easy to use, that people want to use, and that people are willing to PAY to use is the easiest way to top line and bottom line growth.

Online channels are critical components in almost all business models nowadays and the trend only seems to be accelerating. I seek to build an environment where we are experts and guides to that future.

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