How to Guide: How to Put On Your Own Bodystorming Event

How to Put on Your own Bodystorming Event

20 Steps for Bodystorming


1.   Figure out a problem you are going to storm on.
2.   Figure out what people you’d like to be involved
3.   Divide out the people into  the troupes you are going to break people into
4.   Find a space to put it on
5.   Visit the SPACE, you must visit the space, no excuses
6.   Figure out what "stretching" activities you are going to do
7.   Figure out what how you are going to explain bodystorming to the people (Most important is it is acting out ideas, that the more talking they do means less bodystorming)
8.   Figure out if you need them to think or do "home" before so they are primed with experiences they can draw from


9.   Make a Issue Board to focus people’s attention on the BIG DEEP PATTERNS


10.  Explain the Main Ideas behind Bodystorming
11.  Do your stretching exercises
12.  Break them into their troupes
13.  Do a mini practice storm. A 1-2 minute storm.
14.  Then do your major storm. Storm Ideas/Acts usually 10-15 minutes.
15.  Present Acts to other troupes  (video them)
16.  If everyone stormed on the same problem,  have everyone talk about what they saw, compare and choose the best one and why they thought it was the best
17.  Ask what they’d like to do different (change the problem, the storming, or something else) and what could be better.


18.  Post your video on the facebook page for bodystorming, a page from dennisschleicher
19.  Dennis will offer analysis, suggestions and ideas on the facebook page if you post your video there.
20.  Think about what you might what to try differently.

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