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Amish Experience 1In the train station today I saw this flyer advertising visits to see, meet, and talk with Amish people. Wow. I have heard that agri-tourism is a growing business in my area, this proves it. It is almost like visiting “Disneyland” but “authentic.” It reminds of museum exhibit design. I like the idea and I wonder how much time/effort they spent “planning” or “designing” the experience. This reminds me of an idea that Steve Portigal had at one time. I like this “cultural immersion” as a way for people to see their own culture as well as learn about other cultures. For $50 bucks that sounds like a good deal to me. I think I might have to try this out.
Amish Experience 2

Amish Experience Visit-In-Person Tour Webpage

An article in the local Sunday News

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