Design Rules for UX

Design Rules for Building Happy Customer User Experiences (UX).

I think a reason a we aren't building as good of customer experiences as we could is because of subpar UX management practices.  In the next couple of years I think there are going to be new UX management "systems." And these new ways in which we manage UX and UX teams will give our companies competitive advantage and generate value.

  1. We don't need no stink'n requirements, we need experiments. We will try and learn.
  2. Customer Feedback (not content) is king. We must have customer information and knowledge (insights, feedback, input, and "validation.")
  3. In the absence of top-down direction we will self-direct and self-innovate.
  4. UX happens, Better UX is an iterative process.
  5. Information Architecture isn't everything, but it is how everything is "organized."
  6. Place over Plan. (Or the Place is the Plan.)
  7. "Better than where we are today" is the goal.
  8. Prototyping is our path.
  9. We want to make the next internet. And we are & we will because the internet has made the world a better place.
  10. We gotta want our companies to make money.

Inspired after reading The Future of Management by Bill Breen and Gary Hamel

Thank You Mags for giving me the above book.  It was and is excellent.

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  • Even if we don't need requirements, I believe we at least need a...

    We need to know where we want to take it and why, so we can experiment on how. A vision can come from anywhere, but it must be shared so we can all work towards the same goal and talk about the same objective.

  • admin says:


    So, right you are. #11 A Shared Vision in which people (even beyond the UX team) are seeing the same thing and can all answer "what it is we are building and Why."



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