Bill Buxton

I was able to listen to Bill Buxton and sit with him at dinner afterwards.  A wonderful evening.  Here are some of the things I wrote down.

  • Drive toward being able to (specify, design, engineer, and measure) the non-code correctness (motor/sensory, cognitive, social, cultural, emotional,ethical).  - If not, you will fail or at least be vulnerable.
  • If we “perfect” sketches to high fidelity then others disinclined to contribute or imagine.
  • Culture (place, tools like foam core, stack of vellum next to desk) is important for designers.
  • Do multiple QUICK iterative sketches.
  • Don’t ignore transitions.
  • Biggest Design Problem: How to integrate with the other disciplines (Business+Technology+Experience).
  • Don’t simultaneously try to learn new technique AND be creative.
  • Value change, like which results in smoking cessation is culture change and social engineering and is a worthy goal.
  • Many technologies we consider NEW are quite old. E-bay to find what will occur next 10 years.
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