Audio Book, kids, & Sketching


At lunch with Mario Bourque, Todd Warfel, Chris Geyer, and Jamie Tompson at Cafe Cuba in Old City.

Mario talking a lot about his kids.

The idea came up about when listening to an audio book to have the kids draw "pictures" as the story is being told. I wonder what will happen?  Dave Gray had us do something similar to this at Overlap, and I have done "stretching-exercises" similar for different teams.  Sometimes the kids and I sit and I say, "what do you want me to draw" and they shout things out and I draw them.  Great fun for them, and great fun for me too. Or we will all sit there and draw whatever comes to our mind.  This exercise will change it a bit so that we are all having the same stimulus.  I wonder if afterwards we will start to "critique"  each other's work.

I will try it out and post some results.

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