An Innovation Story: The Story of Pizza Soup

Its getting harder to impress me with a cool website. Now a cool new food or dessert, that's something completely different . ..

I was assigned the cooking duties for the weekend. Each child got to choose 2 meals. My middle child was thinking about what he wanted. I asked him what were his favorite things.

He thought about it and said "soup." And then he said "pizza."I said, lets make "pizza soup". He got very excited and screamed "YES! Pizza Soup!"

So he invented a way to make pizza soup (with cheese soup, tomato soup, and pizza bread rolled up), we bought the ingredients, cooked it, and we  and ate it. He was very proud of himself and coming up with the idea. I think he was really delighted about having those two things combined.

I was proud of him too. I didn't realize how powerful the story was until last week I was talking with my youngest, who is just 4 years old. We had a really hard problem to fix with a model rocket that burned part of the parachute. And as we were talking through how to fix it, he said "We can make it like pizza soup" which I guess is now shorthand for inventing something new and good. What a great story they are telling themselves.

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  • Pete Wendel says:

    That's great! The language we adopt and the communities we create are two of the conditions necessary for innovation to diffuse over time. You, sir, have a nice little community at your house : )

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