Nice Placement: "floor ads" located on waiting spaces : Ambient marketing and merchandising using "opportunity" spaces

In the Park City Mall this weekend I saw a "floor ad" that was in front of some vending machines.

These ads seem to be located throughout in the mall in front of spaces that people would be standing and waiting. The Pepsi one might be considered POS (Point of Sale) merchandising, but the elevator isn't.

Floor ads aren't new, but I thought the placement of the elevator ad was perfect. The location of ambient marketing floor ads becomes more important than if it it POS which is based on the product and put on the floor using the rule of thumb that people look where they are walking.  Ambient marketing needs to consider where the "opportunity" spaces and times are and put placements there.


  • Possible Improvement - QR codes for follow on information and feedback.
  • Possible Enhancement - Pair smartphone feedback with more interactive floor display like by EyeStep (ambient retail marketing)
  • Possible Risk - the ad itself could get torn/broken since it is in a high traffic pathway and of course the risk of the technology not working.

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