Bodystorming Homework for Oct 8 Bodystorm at SCAD in Savannah

If you are participating in the Bodystorm this Friday you are in for a great time.

We will be working on storming out ideas on education.
We will be inventing the learning system (rather than the school system) of the future. Just as we are user-centered instead of product-centered, we we be learner-centered rather than school-centered.

For your homework do the following exercises.
1. Find someone you know who is a public school student. First ask them what they think is cool. What they are interested in. Then ask them what classes do they have and what did they learn today.
2. Think about what you do for work and what is the different between that and homework. (If you don't work and are in school then do the opposite.)
3. What tools or resources help you learn best?

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