How to help your people get better as Experience Designers w/o managing more

Learning More by reflecting on your work: A Structured Review Process from Education

Peter Pappas wrote about the "reflective student" subtitled: "Dedicated to relinquishing responsibility for learning to the students." How does that relate to what we see going on in management - relinquishing responsibility for "management" to the worker/staff? Perhaps similarly as Peter Pappas has the student move to being a "reflective student" we would need to move the worker/staff to being a "reflective worker/staff."

The 6 Reflections

  1. What did I do? Did I get it done on time?
  2. What was important about what I did?
  3. Where could I use this again? Are their ways to adapt it to other projects?
  4. Did I see any patterns in what I did?Were the strategies, skills, and procedures I used effective for this project? What were the results of the approach I used - was it efficient, or could I have eliminated or reorganized steps?
  5. How well did I do? Did I do an effective job of communicating my work to others? What have I learned about my strengths and my areas in need of improvement? How am I progressing as a designer?
  6. What should I do next? How can I best use my strengths to improve?


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