Prototyping at the Systems Level

Marc Rettig presented at the local IxDA in State College. A good crowd and great discussion. He put up the diagram you see below and talked about the upper right of the chart. which gets more on the Y-axis toward the world, cities and system and on the X-axis toward underlying causes, wellness and whole person.

If design thinking is about iteration, prototyping (or as Marc put it "Understand & Try" with prototypes between) then how do we approach problems/opportunities at that systems level with this type of practice.

Can we prototype at the systems level?

Some possible approaches might be:

  • The Function- Structure- Process Model
  • Agent-based modeling that scales quickly up to the complexity of the systems level.
  • Systems-Level Experimentation (which can be used to drive disruptive innovation.)
  • Alex Osterwalder's Business Modeling as a sort of systems level view and playing board, but I need to start to connect various business models together to really get at a systems view.
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