Recommended number of “Design Thinkers” for a company

How many Design Thinkers should your company have?

One way to think about it might be . . .
If we consider Design Thinkers to be at the level of strategy. And most corporations do ok if their executives spend about 1 or 2 days a year on strategy or about 1/2 of a percent of their time. And if management to staff ratio is 1:11.

If a company has 10000 people, then about 900/100 = 9

Company size 1000 = 1 Design Thinker
Company size 10K = 9 Design Thinkers
Company size 100K = 90 Design Thinkers

The above is just a thought exercise in trying to come up with a heuristic for an executive who asks “Hey, I agree that Design Thinking is important, I am going to start a department, How many Design Thinkers should I hire?” Can we even think about staffing Design Thinkers like we think about staffing accountants or salespeople?

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