Sketching out Typographic Study for "First Blood" Movie Poster

One of my project in a class I took was creating a movie poster.  I chose "First Blood" the 1982 action adventure movie with Sylvester Stallone as John Ramb, a Vietnam War veteran.img_07792 A great movie that harkens back to the Leatherstocking Tales of Natty Bumppo by American writer James Fenimore Cooper who wrote The Deerslayer and The Last of the Mohicans among others.

As you can see in the image I choose something inspired by the typefaces of the "Arts & Crafts" designers of the early 20th century. The Arts & Crafts movement tried to bring nature inside, into the home.  In the movie there is tension between the nature and civilized society represented by the town.  Rambo is of nature and he doesn't seem to exist well "inside" society.Gustav Stickley produced his Craftman furniture in Syracuse New York.  This is near the area where the Leatherstocking Tales take place.  The contemporary type-house  who produces the typeface I choose is Woodside Graphics, which is located in the woods in the North West of the US.  That is very near the location where First Blood was filmed.

I like the "hand" look of the typeface which I think speaks to the way Rambo had to survive by things he made by hand, not with the fancy weapons those he fought against used. I like the bent wood look which speaks to the deep woods location the film. There are sharp aspects of the F that looked like two knife blades and Rambo's most distinctive tool was a knife.

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