Cubana Torta (Grilled Sandwhich) from Frontera Fresca

I had a yummy Cubana Torta today from Frontera Fresca (from Chef Rick Bayless)

The sandwich was a panini-grilled, fresh artisan bakery roll with roast Pork, applewood smoked bacon, Chihuahua cheese, black beans, cilantro crema, chipotle mustard, and avocado.

The presentation was excellent. The sandwich is split into two halves and it sits up in the basket so you can easily see all the goodness inside. There were giant slabs of pork and big slices of bacon. And nice bite sized pieces of avocado.

All the inside parts of the sandwich were hot, but I'd say it was overcooked because the bread was a bit too crispy and the cheese was overly melted.

The sauce they put on the side was very tasty - I kept dipping the corners of my sandwich into it

Overall a really good cubana sandwich, next time I will ask them not to toast it as long

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