5 most interesting ideas from J Boye Conference 2010

From the J Boye Conference 2010

The 5 most interesting ideas from J Boye Conference 2010

The unbound Portal: The user is at the center. It is no longer about the end users having a portal into the enterprise, but now it is about the portals giving enterprises doorways to the end user.

CMSs are the new operating systems

The biggest way to change a company is to change who they see as their competitors.

Social Business is about 4 principles
1 We have a sufficient robust network of nodes and connections.
2 People are now more into collaborating than hoarding.
3 Communication is now becoming the work.
4 The information expanse is focusing attention on analysis and meaning.

Question: What if your employees’ tweet and no customers hear it?


"A framework for aligning UX & Business"
Dennis' Presentation at J Boye Conference

J Boye Conference in Philadelphia 2010

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