Bodystorming FAQ 3of20: How does the space change things for bodystorming?

The space is one of the most important things to planning a successful bodystorming session. You need to inspect the space beforehand.  Look at the space as both a “brainstorming” space in which the troupes come up with a bodystorm and also a space in which they will perform their storms.  Ideally the troupes will come up with their storm in the same working space of 10-15 square feet that they will then perform in. This allows them to arrange props on the walls or in the space so each of the performances have zero set up time. Better spaces have fewer tables and chairs. Better spaces allow easy moving around so they can watch the performances of the troupes.  There should be some wall space to video project an example bodystorm  to help get people in the right stance. Also because this is about people moving around, make sure there aren’t wires on the ground that someone might trip on. There should be good airflow in the space too, with everyone moving about smaller rooms tend to heat up rapidly.

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