Pinhole Camera Gallery Exhibit

A great opening reception at Durand Art Institute tonight by Stefano Cossu. Sparks, ghosts, and Coals. He built his own cameras seen below. All these locations from the Chicago streets at night. Dreamy and full of contrasts that force the viewer to see the landscape and the photograph as physical object at the same time. Wonderful!




I find the night settings exciting. Forms take on a more dreamy cast with light sources emerging from cocoons of embryonic wombs of id darkness.

Unlike the modern digital renderings from websites that harbor no tracings of production, no context of construction, Cossu’s work stands in sharp contrast.
His work celebrates the mechanics and materials of art as much as the idea of sign. Today’s digital images are bereft of any birthmarks, nor embody any aspect of the photographer or the mode of production.

It’s is Cossu’s who brings the conversation back to exposing us in a beautiful way to seeing the simulacra we are building with digital modes of production.


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