Advertising Agency of the Future: Part II

I think the Ad agency of the future will be small and nimble. I don't think it will be massively different from the way agencies are organized today. But it will be massively different in terms of how it works, its culture.

  • The culture will be more a community that is dynamic and learns and adapts and re-organizes based on the problem/opportunity it is facing.
  • All of the people in the company will be able to create content and manage campaigns. They will all have at least basic training and skills in all the facets of digital production. The tools are just too easy not to.
  • All the information will be in the cloud and available to anyone in the organization to access at any time.
  • All the different metrics for all of the accounts will also be available at any time to anyone in the organization. This includes social media monitoring.

The main difference from today will be the tools that facilitate all of the above new behaviors. You could say the scaffolding that supports this different culture.

  • Wikis. All pitches and SOWs will be built on and through wikis.
  • Blogs - Every account will have a blog. Every customer segment will have a blog.  These will be accessed/and edited by both the agency and the client.
  • DataMart -All the account information, customer information, and project information will be available to everyone.
  • A powerful search functionality will stretch across all of the above and let people find information.
  • Just as we use Google analytics, Omniture, and now Radian6  to comb through massive amount of information to find out what is the most recent, the most accessed, the most commented on, the most "liked" content - - the agency of the future will do the same will all of the above.

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  • Suresh Susarla says:


    Nice post. Interactive marketing..that's where the future is for advertising and marketing going. Nicely summarized the tools. More than ever now marketing folks are looking and understanding the value of customer behaviors and psychology.

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