Refining Your Bodystorming w/Techniques from Cindy Chastain

Last year at Overlap Cindy Chastain talked about screen-writing and scenes and people used those improve their bodystorming. At one point in the weekend she distilled her wisdom into 5 points.

  1. POV. Whose story are you telling? (Ask: Who are you telling it to?)
  2. Set up the scene" The Big Problem is "this"
  3. Inciting Incident: "What if" (concept elaborated)
  4. Climax: Result" How it solved problem
  5. Resolution: How the main character feels about it

If you come to my Bodystorming in the Park in New York next Month we will be working with some of these 5 points to take your bodystorming to the next level.

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