Design is about making peple care

Pete Wendel shared with me a great article, its old, but a goodie. Here are what I think are the absolute highlights from "Will Meaningful Brand Experiences Disrupt Your Market" by David Norton.

1980s – Consumers satisfied w/products & services that combined a compelling brand image with unique design features (things from The Sharper Image store)
1990s – Consumers demand experiences (cruises and theme restaurants)
2000s – Consumers demand meaningful brand experiences (American Girl Place)

This Disruptive Innovation Shift is “people . . . getting goods, services, and experiences that are more meaningful, that produce cultural capital.”

.”… think like a social entrepreneur. How can you realize the most value for consumers in a way that improves their ability to share, learn, be transformed, and care? How can you be the channel by which things that matter happen?”

We have progressed from design being about making things simple and easy to design being about making people care.”


Will Meaningful Brand Experiences Disrupt Your Market? By David W. Norton in Design Management Review Fall 2005

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