Social, Mobile, UGC = Bipeds with opposable thumbs that live in groups

What's old is new again.

Companies are focusing on the trends of Mobile, Social, and User Generated Content. If you look at humans as a species, we are bipeds with opposable thumbs that live in groups.

Bipeds - Locomotion (walking, running, or hopping) around from place to place.
Opposable Thumbs - This is what led to the development of tools and the accurate fine motor skills made possible writing.
Live in Groups - People do not spread out and disperse across open space, we live close to others, work close to others, and have fun close to others. It is extremely rare to find a person who chooses to live completely alone.

New..................... Old
Mobile                    Bipedal
Social.                     Live in groups
Content creator    Opposable thumbs.

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