Drinking Your Own Beer – better than eating one’s own dog food

When a company uses the products that it makes it is called “eating one’s own dog food.” The intent was a way for a company to demonstrate confidence in its own products.  MillerCoors has done that a step farther. They have a “bar” located in the HQ in Chicago. Yesterday I was invited their with Michael Leis to meet up with Rob Saker who works there.

It was a great space. The bar is located right next to a couple conference rooms. There were numerous tables for small gatherings and conversations. What a great way to experience what you sell. I kept thinking that that is why I love working above a Sears Department Store. It offers a similar benefit. Having easy access to “experience” your brand. Now the MillerCoors bar isn’t for the public so the employees aren’t shouldering up to regular customers, but its a great idea and speaks to knowing your products and services on an personal level.


Video of The MillerCoors HQ Bar

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