Chicken Chorizo with roasted mixed peppers

Chicken Chorizo with roasted mixed peppers $6.95

Mango-lime agua fresca

The tacos were good. but it seems like it was mixed together too well. I'm starting to think that the best food I've tasted so far are those that the ingredients aren't too small or too mixed together. The chorizo was spicy but could have been a bit hotter. The chorizo was so good I wanted to have it served for breakfast as eggs & chorizo. Or perhaps used in a chicken tinga dish where schredded chicken would gave given it more body. In terms of mouth feel the tacos reminded me of a sloppy joe. Sometimes they overcook the tacos and the tortillas get chrunchy on the edges, that would have been a welcome accident for this plate in order to add more texture.

And I was able to confirm that they put cheese between the two tortillas that they make the tacos with. See the video for proof. Acording to my "Subject Matter Experts" on Mexican street food, this is not common.

My dinning companion, Jim McNally, made a really insightful comment in the mango lime agua. He said when you first take a swallow it starts off sweet, but then finishes with a strong sour taste. A really unique tounge experience.

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