Overlap09 Poster

On my long plane ride back from overlap09 I drew this poster of the people, thoughts, activities, and feelings I had. It was just one of two Overlaps I have been able to attend, but it energizes me so much and changes how I think, I just had to make something right away to express it.

Dave Gray was our facilitator. He did an awesome job. Thank you Dave!

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  • xian says:

    i love the "no powerpoints" symbol. that was a really nice thing about the event!

    btw, what typeface are you using for this form? I really like it!

  • Brendan says:

    Destroy all PowerPoint

  • Dennis (the tibetan tailor) says:

    xian (Christian)
    I think it was interesting no one made any powerpoint presentations. It was conspicious by it's absence. I am not sure it was just me or if anyone else thought many of the presentations on Sunday took on a "bodystorming" style to them.

    I am using R755 theme by Varometro. Great stuff.

  • Toby says:

    Over the Overlap weekend I realized that to understand a problem, you have to get people to act out the scenario where that problem exists. Only then do real solutions become apparent. At no point did I feel that a 'deck' would help illustrate our ideas.

  • Dennis (the tibetan tailor) says:


    If you have a chance check out the Bodystorming resources page. It was great to meet you and I think we have a number of common interests. I am looking forward to extending the conversation with you in the near future. ; )

  • Dennis (the tibetan tailor) says:

    I sometimes use powerpoint, so I guess I don't want it destroyed. But, it really surprised me that no one did over the whole weekend.


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