3 New Ways to Measure/Evaluate UX (User Experience)

Three New Ways to Measure and Evaluate Your UX (User Experience).

I know you all are reading your omniture, webtrends, or google analytics for insights into your UX. I love inventing new methods to see, so here are 3 new and practical ways to measure or evaluate your UX.

A/B/C Testing
Do A/B/C (side-by-side-by-side) testing with people (individual or focus group) showing them your site and two other sites. Ask them what which two are more similar (on different topics) and why. Why? With 3 items, people can identify patterns and you get more variety of mashups, but it's not too much variety that is overwhelming to them.

Social Media Expectations Test
Don't look at your website. Find, collect and read all the social media (twitter, blogs, etc) for the last month that talks about your website. Imagine yourself as someone who has not yet been to your website, what could they know and what are their expectations about your site by just reading the social media. Then do this with two of your competitors and compare.

UX Horizon Test
With people experienced with your site and comparative sites get a list of 6 websites (or offline expeirences.) Tten take a piece of paper and draw a horizon across it (yes, its just a line going across from one side to another, perhaps give it a little curvature of earth to it.) Draw a stick figure representing themselves right at the bottom. Then have them place the websites or experiences in the 3D environment in relation to the stick figure based on personal relevancy.

So, in the next week or so I suggest you play around with one of these new measures of your UX.  If you start to want to get in-depth with the analysis of your results feel free to contact me if you need any help.

Definition of UX: How people interact and feel about an experience.

My earlier post on "How do you measure UX" was more broad and this post is more practical.

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